In case you were wondering...

In case you were wondering...

This blog exists to encourage all those who have ever wanted--and needed!--a tiny getaway close to home. A workshop, playhouse, garden shed, sanctuary, mini-greenhouse, studio, home office; whatever it is you need, it IS doable, with some sacrifice, imagination, and compromise.

It helps if you're handy, too.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Outside's almost done!

We still need to sand and finish the deck and the French doors (I did some sanding this morning, thinking of Pat Morita and the Karate Kid!), but Mark built me the wonderful new step up for the deck and door and picked up all the construction debris. It looks so serene...

AND it's easier for me to step in. Ridiculous to need a step at that height, but hey, my arthritic hip tells me I did. Go argue with a hip. After we get the trench dug for the electrical, I'll plant a hosta or something by the step, maybe under the window...

Still trying to figure out what to do about the floor. It needs to be very easy to clean, and it, too, needs to be serene. We both really liked the big black and white checkerboard-patterned vinyl, but it makes my eyes jump! Maybe for a kitchen, but not for this...

This is my very favorite pattern, which I've had in almost every home I've ever lived in. They no longer make the color, but up until a year or so ago, they still made the pattern anyway. We used it in the rehab kitchen, in lovely warm, pale colors. (Anybody have a 10' x 10' remnant??)

And this is the version that was available only a
couple of years ago! Siiiigh....maybe it's a sign. Break out of your rut, girl!

I'm not that wild about most faux vinyl patterns, but everything is, pretty much. (One rather funny one yesterday was trying to look like aged blue barnwood!)

We did tongue and groove yellow pine at the cabin, but it's gotten water damaged too many times--and I just don't want that much more hassle. Paint would work, but...we'll see. One layer of plywood's gonna be a tad cold in the winter...

Walls and ceiling get painted first, anyway...


  1. Yep--that's my favorite vinyl, too, Can't understand WHY they would discontinue such a pattern.
    Nope--can't argue with an arthritic hip.

  2. And neither can I, Annie! I tried hard to fall in love with something else (actually there are a couple of patterns I do love...but they're gone, too.)

    I'm loving the new steps though!

  3. I have a friend who took plywood and coated it with a marine varnish. It looked like hardwood flooring- beautiful :) Maybe you could try something like that- the marine varnish is pretty sturdy :)

  4. I found her pictures here:

  5. Thanks, Rachel, that DOES look nice. I'm partly concerned about only having one layer of plywood between me and the North Pole, since there's no basement or crawl space. (The shed is up on pillars.) When I used to have a farm, we'd pile hay around the foundation, but you can't do that where the deck is...

  6. Well, what about the marine varnished plywood and then a bunch of rugs here and there? Easy to take up and clean. Warm and soft on the joints. They can be colorful or muted as you like. No big installation hassles. Easily changed if your mood changes. Far less expensive, too, I'd guess.

    (p.s. Keep the pix coming.)

  7. Or floor paint, which I also like...and yep, definitely will need rugs! (In the winter, even in the HOUSE, which has a basement and crawl space, I often use a heating pad under my feet at the computer. Maybe I'll get a heated doggie bed for the shed. ;-P)

    And no worries, Paul, more pics to come!

  8. My favorite vinyl pattern too, though we went with the original wood floor here. Reminds me of the Hall of Waters now.

  9. Or a second layer of the plywood :) I also saw painted canvas flooring the other day- the way they used to in the 1800's... (I was at Williamsburg). THAT could be an interesting project!

  10. I'd go with lovely hardwood floor if I had original stuff like you, Miss Vicky!

    And yep, we're thinking about a layer of tarpaper to seal the leaks and then another of that nice smooth underlayment, THEN painting. I stencil everything, and that could be kind of cool...

    We actually have a painted floorcloth, but it's small...I've thought about doing that. BIG project though.

  11. I love that pattern vinyl too. Sigh. Have you considered a cork floor? It comes in many types and is warm and not really soft but cushiony...I have it in my kitchen and bedroom and am very very pleased with it. What a nice little area you're creating!

  12. I hadn't, Suzanna! Wonder how much that would cost...

    At the moment we've about decided to fill the screw holes and go with paint on the original floor, till we come up with a better idea. I love stencils and might do something decorative around the perimeter or in the center...



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