In case you were wondering...

In case you were wondering...

This blog exists to encourage all those who have ever wanted--and needed!--a tiny getaway close to home. A workshop, playhouse, garden shed, sanctuary, mini-greenhouse, studio, home office; whatever it is you need, it IS doable, with some sacrifice, imagination, and compromise.

It helps if you're handy, too.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Details, details...and weather!

We have an old armoire in our bedroom that originally had these hooks in really didn't work very well for us, so Joseph put in shelves for bedding etc. and removed these twisted wire hooks, which we saved. We knew we'd find a use for them--they're perfect for the shed keys by the door, and will be useful for more hanging things too! (Yes, I know if you hang them horizontally you have two hooks, but it looks nicer this way...)

Yesterday we found an iron greenman; he balances the window nicely! I'd planned to paint a greenman for the shed, and may still, but this one's a handsome fellow...

I was looking for brackets for the shelves, but mostly we found homogenously overdone stuff covered with faux grapes and hummingbirds! What's up with that? I'd prefer simple wooden ones, and we may make them from triangles of leftover wood. Fine by me...

Uh oh. the doorknob and faceplate are rusting already--because I keep the door open even when it's raining out. (shush, I know, "duh"). We need to varnish or seal them...

(We had this knob on the back of a door at home that never got opened...nifty!)

Siiiigh...LOTS of rain lately, and the sill obviously isn't weatherproof. We haven't had a chance to clean up the French doors and get the varnish on them--too bad, because they really soaked up the rain on that bare wood. It's supposed to rain off and on all week, but when it dries up and when THEY do, this is my first order of business. We bought caulk for the outer edge of the sill, too--the one on the small door seems to work fine, and Mark caulked this one where it joins the deck, but the secondary sill isn't caulked or otherwise waterproofed yet. It gets the backsplash from the wee deck that's been such a troublemaker when it rains!

It's coming in under the doors, too...I'm thinking some sort of weatherstripping on the bottom of the doors outside, too, as you see on these pictures that show the inside...

The roof hasn't leaked, though, and we were getting BUCKETS of rain last night--so knock wood!

Joseph got the hooks on the two windows, so we can lock everything up tight now, too--it was funny having the doors lockable and the windows still open.

I'm dying for the electrician to come. It's SO sticky and thick, even just a bit more moving air would be a big help. I'm thinking of a heavy duty extension cord and a fan, until we get that done. I SO want to start painting...


  1. Love all the little details you are adding to the shed. It is such a totally unique and special place. Yes, I'd bring in an extension cord and turn on a fan and the coffee!

  2. Looks like another few days before we have electricity, so I probably will! And thanks, girl!

  3. Love the hook, face, and doorknob. I hope the wood has dried out--or will--so you can varnish. :)



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