In case you were wondering...

In case you were wondering...

This blog exists to encourage all those who have ever wanted--and needed!--a tiny getaway close to home. A workshop, playhouse, garden shed, sanctuary, mini-greenhouse, studio, home office; whatever it is you need, it IS doable, with some sacrifice, imagination, and compromise.

It helps if you're handy, too.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tiny changes...

There's a new gravel path to the shed...I love it, the cats don't!  (I don't think the squirrels do, either, we've covered up their buried nuts!)  You may have seen the whole of it in the previous more muddy feet!  This was shot right after a  hard rain, you can see the pebbles are still wet.

I have a lovely new ball crystal throwing prisms all around the shed in the joins the rest of the family.

Attempting to convince succulents that they CAN grow for me...though the most delicate one of the three seems to be wilting, one stem at a time.

And still it is a lovely place to work and read, eat breakfast, journal, heal, exercise, watch birds, sketch, shoot videos, listen to music...and sometimes even make it.  The shed works just as I'd hoped, 4 years ago.

And I am very, very grateful.


  1. Nice to have that path, even if the critters don't appreciate it much--LOL! I love the rainbow patterns that crystal prisms make in the sunlight! What a peaceful place. :)

    1. It is, Rita...I just love being there. It's funny to watch the cats walking carefully down the narrow path...why don't they get off in the dirt if they don't like it??



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