In case you were wondering...

In case you were wondering...

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It helps if you're handy, too.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A possible solution for our screen door sitch...

Our small door opens out to save floor space, and the big French doors open in, because of the roof overhang.  (Usually only have the one you see open, but sometimes both.) Makes using screen doors problematical!  So far it's not a huge problem with mosquitoes and other bugs indoors, though Joseph got MOBBED on our front porch yesterday.

Considering this solution, though: hanging screen doors like these from

Or these, from bugsoffscreen:

Or from Amazon:


(We can make screens for the windows, they just fit indoors, since we have awning-type openings, instead of out, if need be!)


  1. Looks like a good solution! I wonder if anyone makes vinyl drops for those who want to keep breezes out of a screened porch in the winter - my next challenge for our porch that our heat seeking dogs spend all their time on.

  2. I'll bet so, Pam--I KNOW I've seen something similar, though more industrial and less transparent, I think...and of course you can get HUGE plastic storm window stuff, which I've used for years at the cabin...

  3. The larger ones that meet in the middle look like they'd work well for your big doors.

    This was going to be my next suggestion. They should last a long time. My DIL and I enclosed my recessed balcony by sewing together three cheap door screens I got on sale and hanging them up with outdoor velcro. They've been up for five years--very windy up here, snow, rain...and they are just fine! (Also tacked down some indoor/outdoor carpeting so I have a bugless "porch" to sit in.) So, I would think the hanging ones would hold up and keep out most of the bugs. Make sure it touches the floor--hehe! ;)

  4. That's nice to know, Rita! I'm still considering, but I am a little allergic to bug bites so sounds pretty good right now...

  5. I have a friend that has these... you can just walk through the center opening with out having to hold it open with your hand the entire time... it works pretty well.

  6. Thanks, Elizabeth, it's good to know someone who has actually used them!



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