In case you were wondering...

In case you were wondering...

This blog exists to encourage all those who have ever wanted--and needed!--a tiny getaway close to home. A workshop, playhouse, garden shed, sanctuary, mini-greenhouse, studio, home office; whatever it is you need, it IS doable, with some sacrifice, imagination, and compromise.

It helps if you're handy, too.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chinese Stool

Chinese Stool, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

The shed has a long-awaited addition! Back when I was building it, I thought of the shed as a kind of Japanese tea house or Zen-simple meditation place. Well...I'm me, and I guess I don't really do simple, having dragged in books and art supplies and rocks and sticks and paintings and one thing and another.

But I saw some stools like this one at Architectural Salvage 2 years ago, and wanted one THEN. Finally decided the shed still needed it, so we made a trip to the City the other day. Glad I did, it was one of only two left! The other was sturdier and simpler, but this one spoke to me.


  1. Hey Cathy- still can't get any emails through to you through both accounts- and facebook.... I had a few questions for you in my first email weeks ago (for a post, etc). 'Hope you're well...

  2. Hi Deek! No idea why you can't get the emails through unless you're trying to send too big a graphic? I did get your Facebook post, but I've been swamped with this new class for Strathmore and it kinda sunk to the bottom of my to-do list, sorry! If you ask your questions again there, I can answer them, though. Or try the email again?

  3. I'll resend the message in facebook's email when I get a chance- thanks! graffics attached aren't that big, and when even sending a mere text-only message, it says your address is out of commission- weird. Anyway, I hope you're well!

  4. VERY strange! Especially given the tons of email I get every day...sorry! And yes, thank you, you too!



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